Friends of ASCCA: Chad Shares About Summer 2024

Hey everyone! As you guys know, Camp ASCCA has officially begun.

The counselors, unit leaders, program staff, and PR Interns have arrived. Matt and Amber assigned counselors their cabins which will be their home for the next six to seven weeks. During their training, they learned how to do two-person transfers, feeding, teeth brushing, hair combing, dressing, etc. Also, they learned how to put on life jackets harnesses, and helmets for the adventure activities.

Matt went over rules and procedures around camp, which include no cell phones during camper time, staying on the sidewalk, singing Camp songs, and more! They also learned how to properly clean the cabins, which included making the beds, sweeping the floor, and more.

During orientation, the counselors learn about all different disabilities, and how to care for everyone.

I was supposed to attend Session 1, but now I will be attending Session 3! The theme for that week is “Party in the USA.” Taylor Hunnicutt is the Session 3 concert, and she was also one of the concerts in 2019 during ASCCAPalooza, the week of Mobile Rotary.
The new campers and counselors might not know, but we sing the Goodnight Song every night.

“When we grow too old to dream,
We’ll have you to remember.
When we grow too old to dream
Your love will live in our hearts.
So, campers hold hands
And say we’ll never part…
For Camp ASCCA, and all our friends
Will live within our hearts.
God gave the wise men their wisdom,
And to the poets their dreams.
To father and mother — a love for each other
But He left me out so it seems.
I wondered round broken-hearted.
Thinking life was an endless affair,
Til God gave me you…
It was then that I knew
He had given me more than my share.
So, campers hold hands
And say we’ll never part.
For Camp ASCCA and all our friends
Will live within our hearts!”

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