Friends of ASCCA: Chad Shares What to Expect at Camp ASCCA

Hey, new campers and families! I am attending Session 1, and the theme for that week is “Battle of the Decades.” I have been attending Camp ASCCA for many years, and I’m going to share some things that you might not know.

First and foremost, cell phones are prohibited, so it’s best to leave them at home. Even the summer staff locks their phones up throughout the day. All campers sleep on the bottom bunk in the cabin, and you must be able to sleep quietly at night without disturbing others. It’s important to always remain on the sidewalks and paths when traveling between activities. Our med passers give medication to the campers at breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner, and bedtime.

Before going to our activities, we will meet in the gym. You will find your group number, and group members, and the program staff for your activity will come and pick you up. At every activity, there are rules, and you must follow them to stay safe. For some activities, like the demo farm, BcK4T, and the pond, we take the people mover. Campers in wheelchairs get on the people mover first, and then everyone else loads up. You must stay seated while it’s in motion.

At the demo farm, you enter through the big sliding door. You must stay seated while the program staff brings out all the animals. We always wash our hands after petting and feeding the animals, too.

The BcK4T includes a variety of things to do. This is where we have our weekly concerts. There is also a sensory room, virtual gaming system, and arcade games.

When you visit water activities you must wear sunscreen and at the pool, you must take a swimming test. If you pass the swim test you are given a wristband to wear, and if you don’t pass, you must wear a life jacket. If you go on a boat ride during the week you must wear a life jacket, and you should reapply sunscreen. I tend to take a nap during the boat ride, but I also like getting to talk to the counselors.

There are a lot of adventure activities at Camp ASCCA, and at each one, you must wear certain equipment. At the Zipline, LPR, Ziptower, and Big Swing you must wear a harness and helmet. The bungee trampoline only requires you to wear a harness.

On Tuesday nights after dinner, we have our talent shows. The talent shows are held at the OutPost, but if it’s raining, we do them in the basement of Lions Lodge. You can perform whatever you want for the talent show, you can even bring your musical instruments.

Every Thursday night after dinner, Camp ASCCA hosts an awards ceremony. Program staff, unit leaders, and the Camp Director hand out awards. Our PR staff always livestreams the awards ceremony on Facebook, so you don’t have to worry about missing out on it.

Don’t forget Camp ASCCA is still hiring for Summer 2024. They need male counselors, PR interns, a lifeguard, outdoor education program staff, and nurses.

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