Friends of ASCCA: Christina’s Look into an Exciting 2024!

Hey everyone, Christina Brown here!

I’m going to let you know about the new things coming my way this year, in 2024 that have me so excited! In January, I got engaged to my best friend Chase! Chase and I met at Camp ASCCA back in the summer of ’15! Since Chase and I are getting married in November, my maid of honor and bridesmaids are taking me to the beach for my bachelorette trip in August!

I’m also attending a different session this summer at Camp ASCCA. I usually go to Session 4 (Teen Week,) but now that I have reached the age limit for Teen Week, I’ll be going to Session 6! I’ll miss teen week fun, but I will have the same amount of fun at Session 6, and  Chase will be there too!

Another “new” thing I got in 2024 was a new wheelchair! I’ve been trying to get a new one for over 10 years since I was 16. I bought a used wheelchair off of Facebook Marketplace a few years ago to get me by until I got a new one, and now I finally have it and absolutely love it!

When I got it, the first thing that I wanted to do was to go to the zoo. Why the zoo, you may ask? When I go to the zoo, I’ve never been able to see the animals over the rails, but my new wheelchair has eye level, which will raise my seat so I can see over the rails. Speaking of the zoo, I have a friend on Facebook who has Friedreich’s Ataxia like me, and we haven’t gotten to meet yet, but we are planning a zoo trip this month. I can’t wait!

I have so much fun planned for 2024! I can’t wait!

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