Friends of ASCCA: Lizzie’s Dreams and Goals for her Future

I have many goals and dreams for the future.

First in foremost, my number one goal is to finish college with great grades or semi-great. My goal is to finish college, get a degree, and get a good job. I have a fascination with writing so someday I see myself writing for a company or something along the lines of that. Those are my goals education wise.

A huge goal of mine is to one day see some family members I haven’t seen due to the pandemic. I have some family up north that I haven’t been able to see since last summer or even before that. I would usually drive up north with my family, but we can’t because of my grandparents. I’m hoping to one day see my northern family and give them lots of hugs. One day it’ll happen.

Speaking of driving, another huge goal of mine is to someday drive on my own. I can’t drive as of right now, but I’ve been learning. It takes me longer to learn certain things at times. One day I’ll be able to drive on my own, I know it. I also have to get more confidence than I have now.

Another goal for the future I have that we haven’t been able to experience is going to concerts. I am a concert freak. I love going to them. Before Covid-19, I was going to around 3 concerts a year. We can’t go to concerts unfortunately though because of the pandemic. That’s another thing I hope I can go to in the future.

Another goal of mine is to get better at horseback riding. I’ve been riding ever since I was 3 years old and I still haven’t learned how to jump. I’m hoping to one day get to where I’m good enough at horseback riding where I can canter and jump. I’m able to do everything else but those two things are goals of mine for the future.

Yet another random goal of mine is to keep staying healthy. I’ve been very blessed to not have had any health issues, and I know that’s not the case for everyone. Sadly, everyone is not as lucky as me in that regard.

Another goal of mine is to keep trying to have a positive outlook on life. For the most part, I do usually, but like everyone, I get upset sometimes. Life happens sometimes and I just hope that I continue to push through what obstacles come my way.

I would say another goal of mine would be is to keep in contact with my really good friends no matter where life takes us. I’ve talked to a few of my friends and some of them want or are hoping to get out of Alabama. Whether if it’s going to a college out of state or they just want to experience living in a different state, I’m hoping I can keep in touch with them and I hope I can keep the friendships I have with them alive. The friendships I have now are pretty great and I couldn’t imagine losing some of them. My really close friends are like my family.

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