Friends Of ASCCA: My Surgery Story

I first wrote about epilepsy in my introductory blog, which you can read here. August 10 will mark 10 years since my brain surgery and my last seizure ever! I cannot wait to celebrate this year with my family. I am very blessed that the surgery was a successful one, and I will never forget the experiences of surgery, therapy, and homecoming.

I am glad to have had such sweet doctors and nurses involved with my care. The process began a few years prior with running a lot of tests on me. They tried to find anything that caused me to have seizures. For example, I had to have an MRI – more than one in fact. The loud noise sounded scary, but I tried to visualize that I was at the beach and the noise was the ocean. The IVs they gave me to put me to sleep were worse! There was no way I could visualize they were something pleasant!

After surgery, I underwent intensive physical, occupational, and speech therapy every day at the hospital. I learned to walk again, dress myself, and pick myself off the floor in case I fell. They let me play memory games and solve mazes. It was a struggle, but I got them done quickly. My memory did get better over time. Sometimes I wish I could see my therapists and show them how much I’ve improved and told them how much I appreciate their work.

After a month, the doctor asked me if I would like to stay at the hospital a few more days or go home. I chose to go home because I don’t like being away from my family longer than I have to. As I was leaving, I saw someone dressed as an elf giving away boardgames and the doctor suggested I choose one as a souvenir. I decided on Candyland. Remember, I was 11 years old. That title was misleading!

When I arrived home, my siblings greeted me with a huge, beautifully decorated sign that said, “Welcome home, Windsor!” I was smothered in hugs! My dog, Hershey, even jumped on me and gave me kisses. I sometimes wish I could relive that day again.

My surgery made a huge impact on my life, and I love telling people my amazing story. Isaiah 40:31 comes to mind whenever I tell people about my surgery. I tried my best to stay strong during it, and I noticed my reward at the end was freedom. My family and I thank the Lord and celebrate in meaningful ways each year, such as dinner at our favorite pizza place or special treats. My surgery is a precious memory I know for sure will not be forgotten for many years to come.

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