Friends of ASCCA: The Inside Scoop on Indoor Activities

Since Camp ASCCA is a summer camp, you would naturally assume all outdoor activities, but you would be half right and half wrong. The whole week is packed with both indoor and outdoor fun. The best indoor activities can be found in the BCK4T and the Wii Room.

The BCK4T is a beautifully converted barn with a stage and concert area as well as a huge section similar to an old-fashioned arcade, featuring classic games such as Galaga™ and Dig Dug™, both of which I am good at playing. Fortunately, Dig Dug™ requires only one hand to play. For Galaga™, which requires two hands, I align my right hand in a specific position so I can move and shoot at the same time. I saw a lot of games I have never heard of and did not have a chance to play, such as Defenders™ and Space Invaders™, but I am looking forward to playing them this summer.

Aside from the BCK4T, the other indoor activity is the Wii Room. My favorite games on the Wii Sports are bowling and fencing. I have never tried fencing, and it became a favorite right away. I go bowling with friends and family occasionally, so I already knew I would enjoy playing it. I like how we separate campers in two teams, usually our group from the cabin, and we could name our groups as well.

If the Wii is not your type of game, there are also board games. I was able to play games I have never played before. My favorite is the game called “Sorry,” which is similar to a game we have at home called “Trouble.” Like the Wii, board games are a fun way to spend time with new friends.

Indoor activities make a pleasant change from outdoor activities at Camp, so if you are not always an outdoor person, you will still enjoy Camp ASCCA. The arcade games, Wii Sports and board games give us a chance to unwind or play team sports, no matter the weather. This summer, look for me in the BCK4T and Wii Room, and we’ll play a game together!

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