Friends of ASCCA: Windsor shares about Christmas Weekend 2018

As winter approaches, so does Christmas Weekend at Camp ASCCA! I attended Christmas Weekend for the first time in December 2018, a few months after my first summer camp. Christmas Weekend was basically summer camp, but with Christmas traditions packed into a fun-filled weekend.

As I arrived, the camp itself was very colorful and so beautifully decorated inside and out. Colorful lights twinkled from the ceiling of almost every building. The dining room windows were outlined with greenery, ribbons and lights. It was so pretty! Normally, the Christmas tree would be the focus of any room, but actually a huge inflatable reindeer dominated the dining room. That reindeer was easily more than 12 feet tall! Every camper looked forward to opening all the festively wrapped presents piled in front of the fireplace, which was decorated with white lights and red ribbons.

My counselor, Maddie, explained that the plans for the weekend included all indoor activities because, even in Alabama, December can be cold! She was so encouraging and had an uplifting attitude. Whenever I was hesitant to try something, she would say, “Girl, just do it! You’ll have a lot of fun!” And she was right. I did!

First, we decorated cookies any way we wanted, and then we could eat our own cookie creations. That was the best part! Then we painted Christmas ornaments to take home. I love arts and crafts, so I really enjoyed that. Later that day we all played Bingo. The Jingle Jump, Camp’s annual fundraiser, happened that night, and it was so fun to watch. All the counselors had to jump in the pool! It was a freezing cold night, so I felt bad for them, but they seemed to have a blast! We all cheered and laughed!

One chilly afternoon we enjoyed hot chocolate and s’mores. Of course, Santa Claus arrived to hug and talk to each camper. We had pictures made with him too. Camp wrapped up with a talent show on the last morning.

I was excited to go home and show my family the new ornaments I made and the two presents I got as well as tell them all the details about the weekend.

I will not be attending this year’s Christmas Weekend, but I know those who will are going to have the best time! To help them out, next month’s blog will focus on tips for packing for the holiday weekend.

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