Friends of ASCCA: Windsor Shares About National Camping Month

June is National Camping Month. Normally most people camp in the months of May through October, but for Camp ASCCA it is June through August. The point of National Camping Month is to celebrate going outside and enjoying the beauty of nature. What better way to do that than go to Camp ASCCA for a week!

Camp ASCCA offers many activities outside. One of the popular ones is the nature activity, where you are surrounded by different species of trees with a lake nearby. It is beautiful to look at and admire, but we also learn about those different trees and plants and what they are good for. For example, we are told that oak trees are good for building boats and are home to various birds, small creatures, and insects.

Also during the nature activity, your group may make a craft of some kind or play a game. I remember in 2018 my group had a scavenger hunt filled with different challenges, such as how to cross a make-believe river full of alligators using only the supplies they gave us. It was so much fun. Another scenario was how to escape a hungry alligator, which I answered with, “Climb a tree if there’s one nearby or run in a zig-zag pattern if there isn’t a tree.”

I also remember in 2021 we had a fun challenge where we made little boats and rafts out of just one piece of paper and three pieces of tape of any kind. At the end of our craft, we tested how long our boats and rafts could float on the water of the lake. My raft won by floating for five minutes! The secret was something I learned from the TV show, Mythbusters: I chose duct tape to use on the bottom of my raft!

The other popular outdoor activity is the zipline or LPR. The LPR is like a regular zipline, but twice as high going over the pond. Of course, before going on the zipline, you start by putting on safety gear such as a helmet and two harnesses. You also will be greeted by one of the staff members there to check and ensure you are safe to go.

The first time I experienced the zipline was during my first summer at Camp ASCCA in 2018. It immediately became my second favorite outdoor activity, after the Demo Farm, which is a petting zoo. I do think that the zipline or LPR is very popular and gets lots of love from campers.

Archery is also one of the favorite outdoor activities of many campers, including me. At archery, there are two targets to choose from. Sometimes the target is an animal shape, such as a deer or a bear, and other times it is a normal round target like you will see everywhere. You also have a choice of using a crossbow or a regular bow, and you will wear a black safety glove to protect your hand.

Each person gets two turns, and at each turn, you get about 5-10 shots. In 2022 I got a bullseye on the second shot of my second turn!

Other outdoor activities that most people would probably plan to do during National Camping Month include tubing, canoeing, boating, and fishing. Camp ASCCA offers all three with excellent safety gear in place and enthusiastic coordinators to help.

The lake is full of 264 species of fish, which I learned from the boating activity. Last year one camper caught seven different fish in a row, so if you love fishing, you’ll love to fish at Camp ASCCA.

If these activities don’t appeal to you, you could choose golf or slingshot. These games are played by the pond near the fishing area. You can play golf or test your aim while admiring the wonderful view.

Camp ASCCA is not only a beautiful camping site, but also a great place to have fun and learn about nature. Enjoy these outdoor activities and the beautiful view of Lake Martin during your week at Camp ASCCA. Whether you camp in June or July or August, I hope you have a fun time at Camp ASCCA and learn something from nature itself and what it has to offer.

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