Friends of ASCCA: Windsor shares her favorite outdoor programs

Are you looking forward to Camp ASCCA this summer? Do you want to know a little more about the unique outdoor activities you’ll get to try? Last time, I described the best indoor activities, so this time I will fire your enthusiasm for the outdoor activities I like best at Camp, plus a few that aren’t my favorites, but you may like.

My favorite outdoor activity is the zipline. I love the zipline they have going by the lake! As you skim by the water, you can feel the gentle breeze over your face and through your hair. The view of the the lake is very beautiful as well. It is so peaceful. Even if you are afraid of heights, you should try the zipline. It’s very safe. I am excited to zipline again.

The nature activity is my other favorite. The nature activity changes every year, so campers who attend multiple times will not get bored. Staff members tell you fun facts and interesting origins about all kinds of animals and trees. Sometimes they will set up a trivia game or even a survival game to play. I won the trivia game one time! I cannot wait to find out what I will learn this summer.

The next few outdoor activities that I am about to describe are just like honorable mentions – I did like them, but they were not for me. Archery is one of the activities I did during camp. I did enjoy it, but I do not see myself doing archery as a hobby because my fingers are sensitive. However, I think everyone should try it at least once. I’m glad I tried it.

Tubing is another activity I liked a lot, but didn’t love. You may like it better than I did. Just make sure you have something to hold your glasses in place before getting on the tube! If it wasn’t for the boat that went fast, I think I would have loved it. There were four lifeguards, so I felt safe, but I got mild motion sickness from it. This summer I hope the ride will be a little better because I still plan to go tubing again.

All the different outdoor activities are a fun and safe way to try something new. Camp ASCCA is for everyone to enjoy the activities they normally can’t do because of the disabilities they have. Each activity has rewards. Often you get a balloon that has “Congratulations!” on it and a reward certificate showing what you won. Why don’t you join me this summer and let’s win something together? I can’t wait to see you then!

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