Friends of ASCCA: Windsor’s First Summer at ASCCA

I attended Camp ASCCA the first time in July 2018. When my parents told me about Camp ASCCA and the people who work there, it made me jump with joy to find out I was going. I admit, I was also unsure if I could handle every little thing they do because my parents wouldn’t be there with me the entire time. This would be the first time I would be away from home and without any family member with me, so I also wondered if I would be homesick.

When I arrived, I was nervous, but also excited. My counselor made me feel safe and comfortable right away because she seemed capable and in control. She reassured my parents, introduced me to my bunkmate, and told me about all the fun activities planned for the week. She also said technology was not allowed at Camp ASCCA.

That was another adjustment, but actually that rule gave me a chance to make a close connection to nature and to chat with other campers who stayed in my cabin. Every cabin had a cool Native American name and a fun theme. My cabin’s name was Chickasaw, and the theme was Dr. Seuss. My roommates made me feel accepted and normal for the first time, and they became my first friends at camp.

Windsor meets the goat

My counselor was right when she said we would have fun activities all week. The first day I went horseback riding and ziplining. I loved them both! The next day I went to a farm and got to pet a baby bunny, newborn goat, a rooster, a sheep, and even a pig! We ended with a girls night out. The next day my group and I went swimming at the pool where I took lessons on how to swim on my own. There was a talent show going on that day, so my friends and I did a sign language version of “Summer Nights” from the movie “Grease.”

When the talent show was over, we went to the music room where I got to sing on the stage. I had a blast! The last day I went to the wii room to play games, and there was also a concert happening that night. The next morning we all watched a slide show of all the activities we did at Camp ASCCA that week.

As the day came for me to leave the camp, I was sad that I had to leave because I had a lot of fun there. I learned that I could do things on my own and that other people besides my family could help me if necessary. I’m so glad my parents decided to take me. I cannot think of any camp better than ASCCA because the camp itself is an amazing place to be for any teenager like me.

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