Friends of ASCCA: Windsor’s Note to New Campers

I like to think that going to Camp ASCCA the first time is like easing into a cold pool. I compare it to a cold pool because you do not know what to expect on your first week. After arrival on Sunday afternoon of my very first week, it took me until Tuesday until I got used to the place. Now, every year I get really excited when sign-ups are starting, which are usually in October. The things we do at camp you need to know about are the activities, the cabins, and the events they have planned.

The activities at Camp ASCCA are really fun! Don’t hesitate to participate in something you have never tried before. You should give the activity a chance to see if you like it. Some activities are indoors, but most of them are outdoors. My favorite outdoor activities that you should try out are archery, Demo Farm, and tubing. One of my favorite indoor activities that I recommend you try is arts and crafts, where you get to make jewelry or create something out of Perler beads; occasionally they have plans to tie dye something instead, which is also fun.

A variety of games are available indoors. In the Game Room you have a choice of playing a board game or finishing a puzzle. You can also go to a door that takes you to the Wii room to play games from the Wii console. My two favorite games to play on the Wii are “Just Dance” and “Mario Kart.” In the BcK4T, which is a huge converted barn, you can play arcade games. My favorites are the old school classics, Galaga, Pac-Man, and Dig Dug.

In the cabin, you share one big room with other campers and counselors. The closets are set aside for the counselors’ belongings. However, you will have a shelf attached to your bed, but keep in mind it is a small, narrow space.

The fun part of inside the cabin is the decorations they have up for each cabin. I had fun with my themes! My favorite themes through the years have been Dr. Seuss, Hollywood, the 70’s and Candy Land. So, you can expect a very fun theme for your cabin when you go to Camp ASCCA.

Every week camp has a concert and dance, which often happen on Wednesday and Thursday nights. By the time snack ends on those days, you have the rest of the afternoon to get ready for the dance or for the concert that night. The dances usually take place in either Lion’s Lodge or the Dining Hall. The dances at Camp ASCCA sometimes have fun themes as well. Also, each week the theme changes depending on what session you are going to that year.

The same thing goes for the concerts; they are different depending on what week you are attending. Most of the time you can find the scheduled band’s music on Spotify if you want to hear them ahead of time. The concerts at Camp ASCCA are usually inside the BcK4T. If you do not like concerts, you can go to the quiet room to do a puzzle or play games. The concerts at Camp ASCCA often last about two hours.

Camp ASCCA also has spring and rookie camps for anyone who is new and has never heard of Camp ASCCA. The Spring Weekend sign-ups are usually the second week of January, and Rookie Camp sign-ups start the first week of February. Both camps last only three days each. The activities there are similar to the ones from the summer camp. You can go the Spring Weekend alone or as a family.

If you will be new to a regular summer session or for the Spring Weekend or Rookie Camp, you will find the activities, the cabins, and the events so much fun. You will be glad you participated and then eager for the next year’s session to roll around. I hope these details ease your mind on deciding to go to Camp ASCCA, and I hope to see you at a regular summer session soon!

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