The campers and staff have been decked out in beads this week to get everyone in the Mardi Gras spirit. We even played Wheel of Fortune and learned about another name for Mardi Gras-Pancake Day- because it’s the feast day before lent. And what’s a better way to get rid of the indulgents you would are giving up than making and eating pancakes.

In Arts & Crafts this week, each camper’s project is to design a mask for our Mardi Gras Dance on Thursday. Like the beads, wearing masks is one of the long standing Mardi Gras traditions.Campers start by coloring and making designs with markers, then they can use other supplies to make their masks stand out. The camper’s favorite supplies seem to be the glitter and feathers. On Thursday the campers will be able to wear their own, unique masks to the dance and have them to take home.

Our friends from First Baptist Church in Jasper, Georgia are also helping to prepare for the big dance. They have been busy constructing giant masks with paper, markers, beads and more glitter and feathers. Thank you ladies for assisting us with our decorations.

We are all looking forwards to getting dressed up, wearing our masks and beads and dancing the night away Thursday. Be sure to check out our photos on Flickr from this week and stay tuned to see our Mardi Gras celebration on Thursday.

Emily Hedrick, PR
Session 2