Happy Fourth of July!

We love to celebrate the Fourth of July here at Camp. This Year’s Fourth of July celebration, was nothing short of spectacular. The day was filled with red, white, and blue, music, fireworks, and ASCCA spirit! We all dressed in our most festive attire, it was so fun to see all the creative outfits from Star-Spangled dresses, to Statue of Liberty costumes, everyone looked amazing. After dinner and our weekly awards, the dance floor came alive.

We danced hard, and sang until our voices were gone. The energy was contagious, as campers and staff were enjoying Dj Tre’s exciting mix. Laughter and cheers filled the air, creating a warm and joyful atmosphere. The highlight of the evening was, of course, the fireworks show. As it got dark, we all gathered together at the Big Stage, eagerly waiting for the fireworks to start. The show was nothing short of magical, each burst of light was met with awe and applause, and even some tears from campers begging not to go home when morning comes. The fireworks and patriotic music was a beautiful reminder of the freedom and unity we celebrate on this special day. This Fourth of July at Camp ASCCA was a perfect day of fun, community, and patriotism. Dressing up, dancing, and watching fireworks with all of our friends made it a day to remember. Happy Fourth of July!

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