Meet the 2021 Summer Staff: Trey Bradley

If you haven’t already, meet Trey! Trey is a member of the aquatics staff this summer. His duties will include activities such as tubing, splash pad, waterslide, pool, and well, anything that includes water! He is so excited to be back as a program staff member. Trey is currently a full-time student at Auburn University studying Materials Engineering with a minor in Philosophy. His goal is to one day work for an aerospace company.

Trey has worked two summers before as a counselor (2016-2017). He discovered camp through his fraternity, Pi Kappa Phi, at Auburn University. He loved volunteering on various weekends throughout the year with his fraternity brothers. These weekends led him to applying for summer time positions. He is so glad to be back this summer! He is looking forward to seeing the campers enjoy the pool and the big smiles at the waterslide! His favorite activity at camp is tubing. A boring fact about Trey is that he reads everyday.

Our lifeguard, Trey, waiting for campers at canoeing.


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