Talent Show Tuesday!

Every Tuesday evening at Camp ASCCA, the excitement reaches an all time high as campers and staff gather for one of the most anticipated events of the week: talent show Tuesday. It is a night filled with laughter, applause, and unforgettable performances that showcase the diverse talents of our campers. From the moment sign ups opened at lunch, campers eagerly put their names down, ready to show their skills with their friends, some even went to the talent show practice that was held this afternoon. Whether it’s singing, dancing, comedy, or a unique talent, everyone is encouraged to participate, get out of their comfort zone, and shine on stage. After dinner we all gather at The Out Post, and enjoy snow cones as we wait our turns, and watch and cheer on our friends.

Often, cabins and groups like to perform together, showcasing teamwork, and coordinated acts that brings an extra layer of fun to the night. We have lots of acts and lots of variety at our ASCCA talent shows. From slow and soulful ballads, worship songs, upbeat dances, and so much more, the talent display is unmatched. Campers and staff share loud cheers and applause, encouraging and supporting every act. The joy and pride on the faces of the performers are heartwarming as they soak up the cheers from their friends. Talent Show Tuesday is more than just an event, its a cherished tradition, that allows campers to feel special seen, and brings the camp community even closer. Here’s to talent show Tuesday, a night of unforgettable memories, shared laughter, and endless fun!

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