2023 Gold Award Recipient — Dr. Graham Sisson

The Easterseals Alabama Gold Award is presented to Easterseals Alabama volunteers who have contributed in a significant manner to the work of Easterseals Alabama for no less than five (5) years. Their involvement can be through Easterseals county chapters, Easterseals affiliate boards, Easterseals corporate board and committees, fundraising events or activities that benefit Easterseals Alabama programs and services.


Dr. Graham Sisson, Jr.

Dr. Graham Sisson is a Camp ASCCA Board member, donor, and dedicated volunteer. He is the Executive Director at the Governor’s Office on Disability. He is also the ADA Coordinator for the State of Alabama and an alumnus of the University of North Alabama. After graduating from the Vanderbilt Law School, he has been a licensed attorney for over 29 years. Additionally, he recently graduated from Auburn University with a PhD in Rehabilitation, Counseling, and Leadership!

Dr. Sisson has been a leader and volunteer for Camp ASCCA, notably being the first person to serve two terms as Board Chair. Both terms were “memorable” years — the first during the leadership transition in 2004 and the second being COVID-19. He has faithfully supported all special events, planning and building projects, and has been an important person in speaking to staff and other volunteers about disabilities and people with disabilities. He routinely talks to Camp ASCCA groups and staff about the Americans with Disabilities Act as well as wheelchair etiquette, general etiquette when speaking or referring to people with disabilities, and common misconceptions about people with disabilities. He once stated that “the biggest crime against those with disabilities is low expectations. Camp ASCCA is designed to give our campers an experience they don’t get anywhere else, and we hire staff who enjoy helping them believe and achieve what they thought would be impossible. Our desire is from them to carry this same confidence beyond their days at Camp!”

We thank Dr. Sisson for his contributions to the Easterseals family and recognize you with this Gold Award.

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