A Wild Wednesday Night

It’s dress up day! We first tested out our camouflage at the patio for a biscuit breakfast — spoiler alert — it does not make campers invisible. The rest of our morning was spent challenging ourselves at our exciting morning rotations! Lacy Smith impressed us all when she won an ASCCA Achievement for her endless energy at zip line, while Luke Johnson was recognized for his outstanding participation in arts and crafts. Next, it was time for free choice! Many campers headed back out to arts and crafts to make posters for our special guests, Sam Burchfield and the Scoundrels, who were performing at the Bck4T!

The show was something very special to our campers. They danced and sang like there was no tomorrow, and their enthusiasm spread to all the staff members. So many people were dancing all around that it was hard to even move! At the front row, mainly reserved for wheelchair users of course, campers went wild praising the guys on stage. The Scoundrels seemed to love everyone at Camp just as much as we love them; they interacted very kindly with the campers in front, and even stayed to sign the guitar picks and drum sticks they’d given away. At the end of the night, we were joined in the goodnight song by an acoustic guitar. We’re so grateful for the incredible experience the Scoundrels provided these campers!

McCartney Hagar, PR Intern

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