Dadeville Kindergarten visited Camp ASCCA for a day of fun!

On Wednesday, kindergarten students from Dadeville Elementary School made the quick trip to Camp ASCCA for a daylong field trip full of fun. Teachers and parents were along for the ride, and many of them jumped in and participated in the activities too. The students were split into five groups based on the class that they are in at school, and they were led by specific ASCCA staff members who were in charge of running each program.


The activities for the day were the waterslide, splash pad, panning for gold with a shaved ice reward, tours of the Dunn Center and putt-putt. It was a perfect schedule for the young students, and their energy was unforgettable. It was one of the warmest days we have had so far in 2018, and it was the perfect time to splash around and cool off at a couple of water activities. It was the second year of panning for gold fun, and it came with just as much enthusiasm from the students, teachers and parents as they worked hard to collect the specific stones that would win them a shaved ice treat.


The cool lake water caught a few parents by surprise as a few students begged them to ride down the waterslide. However, once one parent took a trip down, the rest couldn’t resist. Several even went in their regular clothes, and moments like that made the students smile even more. We had a great day with the DES students and look forward to future visits with our Tallapoosa County neighbors!

To learn more about how your group can schedule a visit to Camp ASCCA, contact Camp Director Matt Rickman at You can also find a few snapshots from our day with the Dadeville kindergarten students here!

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