Friends of ASCCA: This is Home

Hi there! I’m Jamaica! You might remember me from a blog that I wrote back in February, but it’s been a while so here’s the link:

Today, I am going to touch on my experience at ASCCA and what ASCCA means to me. I must say though that in all of my years of writing thus far, this is the hardest, yet easiest piece I’ve written. You’ve probably heard this saying numerous times by now, but it just sums up camp so well. “This is Home.” Now that you know that Camp ASCCA is home for me, I’ll tell you my favorite things about my home. My absolute favorite thing about my home is that it is accessible to everyone, and I can have friends over from all walks of life. In my home, there is something for everyone to enjoy and have fun doing.

Another one of my favorite things about my home is that I am always surrounded by family. We all get together at meals, it’s loud but fun. I love to see their smiling faces! My family takes wonderful care of me, and I am always included in everything we do. That’s the best feeling. No barriers! I like that we send invitations to people outside of home to invite them over for a good time. I love when we have new people over. It makes for an unforgettable party!

But on a more serious note, I think a lot of times we as society can get caught up in thinking that we have to be in a certain atmosphere to feel the acceptance that I sort of touched on in the above paragraph. Though (the actual place) Camp ASCCA is home for a lot of people, it’s the ASCCA experience that I call home! That’s why instead of talking about my favorite activities, I talk about the fact that there are no barriers at camp. I like to carry home in my heart so that it is always with me.

ASCCA means more to me than words will ever do justice! It is truly something you have to experience for yourself!

Jamaica and her cabin mates

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