Donor Spotlight: Dr. Greg Frith

For nearly 40 years Dr. Greg Frith has played an important philanthropic role for Easterseals Camp ASCCA. He has given both personally as well as professionally. His knowledge of special education and financial planning has been a great help to Camp ASCCA. In his Wealth Solutions Group, LLC (a member of the MassMutual Financial Group) he has been a leader in the financial and investment planning world for many years. Before his career in financial planning, he was the Department Head at Jacksonville State University in the Special Education Program.

Dr. Frith is the epitome of estate planning on a professional and personal level. He is a former member of the Camp ASCCA Board of Directors and remains as an advisory member. Dr. Frith was the first volunteer and donor to name Camp ASCCA the beneficiary of a significant life insurance policy gift. He has since added additional gifts for Camp ASCCA to his estate planning and he encourages other board members, clients, and friends, to do so as well. His reputation in his business profession as well as a Camp ASCCA volunteer is highly regarded. We hope other donors will continue to follow his lead.

Dr. Frith has also been involved with the creation of many capital projects at Camp ASCCA. One of our newer areas, The Patio, was named in his honor. This area serves as an outdoor eating and entertainment area for our campers to enjoy. The Patio consists of three accessible levels of seating and overlooks beautiful Lake Martin. It makes for a peaceful and cool outdoor camp breakfast or perfect spot to watch the sun go down.

Thank you Dr. Frith for all you do for Camp ASCCA! You are the perfect example of a person that understand the long-term needs of our facility and the future of our camper’s participation.

Listen to Dr. Frith’s feature on Camp ASCCA: The Podcast, here.

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