Friends of ASCCA: Chad Shares His Clothing Must Haves for Summer at ASCCA

Hey camp friends and counselors! I hope that you are okay from January’s freezing weather that came to the Camp ASCCA area. While waiting for Summer 2024 to start, I like to clean out clothes and shoes that I have and don’t wear anymore. If you didn’t know, I love clothes and shoes. It was disappointing when it was freezing, and I couldn’t wear my favorite things and had to layer up because of the weather.

We do a lot of walking around camp, and I think it’s best to dress in comfortable clothing and shoes. I like to wear Camp ASCCA T-shirts. They’re for sale during check-in and check-out and online. The shorts I normally wear are Nike Challenger, Under Armour Launch Run, and Adidas Own the Run. They can also double as a swimsuit! Since you do a lot of walking around camp all day with your group, you will be comfortable in these.

My favorite sandals for summer camp are Chacos. They offer arch support and are good for water activities. By the end of the week, my Chaco tan gets darker and darker. It’s also good to have a pair of tennis shoes and always a pair of dry socks. If you like to wear a watch, I would recommend a waterproof watch, like the Freestyle Shark Watch.

If you’re like me and want to carry a backpack while you’re at camp I have a list of my favorite things to pack in it. I carry a notebook, pens/pencils, coloring books and Crayons, a refillable water bottle, noise-canceling headphones, and a radio with headphones.

Don’t forget, we are raising money at camp to get a new bungee trampoline, called Bungee Bounce and you can donate by clicking here. Rookie Weekend camp registration will open tomorrow for new campers and families.

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