Friends of ASCCA: Chad Shares About the Daily Camp Schedule

Happy 2023! If you are coming to Camp ASCCA for the first time, I am going to tell you guys about our daily schedule. Counselors are the first to get up and ready, they put their cell phones away before waking the campers up. Once everyone is up and ready we go to our assigned cabins to take our medications. After that we go to flag raising where we do the Pledge of Allegiance, joke of the day, a quote, and say a prayer. Then it’s off to the dining hall for breakfast.

After breakfast we go to the gym and find our group for program rotations. For example, if your first program rotation is the demo farm, when you get there Jordan would say, “Welcome to the demo farm! Please stay seated while we bring out the animals. Today you will see goats, chickens, pigs, rabbits, and a miniature cow. After you pet all the animals you must wash your hands.”

If your second activity is tubing you would be with Clay, Tessa, and Michael. You must wear a life jacket and wait for your turn to go. When it’s your turn to go, they will call you, and you will sit in the tube. Clay, Tessa, or Michael counts down from three. If you’re ready you yell, “Hit it!” During tubing there’s three speeds, slow, medium, and fast. After everybody is finished it’s time to head to the dining hall for lunch. While we wait to go in the dining hall, we sing cabin chants. After lunch, the program staff give out ASCCA Achievement Awards. Then we go to cabins for rest period.

After rest period is snack time in the pavilion and then free choice activities. My favorite is a boat ride. Wearing a life jacket is required, and you should wear sunscreen too. The boat travels through Lake Martin, and I sometimes fall asleep during it. Then if you have time, you can go to the OutPost for karaoke.

After dinner on Sundays, we have a pool party. Monday nights are station games or a casino night, Tuesday is the talent show, Wednesdays we have a concert, and Thursday night is the dance. We end every night with singing the Goodnight Song.

If it rains while you’re at Camp ASCCA, don’t worry, you will go to the gym for rainy day games or to the Bck4T to watch movies. Every Wednesday morning, we go to the patio for breakfast.

Don’t forget to apply to spend the summer with us. It’s always a great day to be at Camp ASCCA.

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