Friends of ASCCA: Christina’s Tips for Camp ASCCA

Hey everyone, it’s June, so you guys know what that means?? I GO TO CAMP NEXT MONTH!!! July 9th can’t get here fast enough! I’m going to give you guys some tips for what I would pack for the week!!!

Most of you know about all of the “summer showers” here in Alabama, I make sure to pack a raincoat and a poncho! For those of us with long hair like me, bring some hair ties and a hair brush to pull your hair up. I like to get my counselor to braid mine each day! Speaking of hair, make sure to bring your shampoo and conditioner for showers. Also, for shower and the bathroom you will need soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, and mouthwash!

We put my clothes in gallon Ziploc bags inside of my suitcase, and put an outfit for the day in each one and label one for each day. I also put extra clothes in the suitcase along with my shoes! I always take my camera! PR staff takes pictures all week, but sometimes they are at a different rotation than us.

I also take a flashlight for our night adventures and going back to the cabin in the dark. Prom night is so much fun, so of course I go all out! I wear a prom dress, makeup, and let my counselor do my hair! I always take some water shoes for all the water activities! And make sure to pack sunscreen and bug spray for all the outside activities! I am so ready to be at Camp ASCCA!

Don’t forget to learn the good night song before night time at camp, here are the lyrics:

When we grow too old to dream

We’ll have you to remember.

When we grow too old to dream

Your love will live in our hearts.

So campers hold hands

And say we’ll never part…

For Camp ASCCA and all our friends

Will live within our hearts.

God gave the wisemen their wisdom

And to the poets their dreams.

To father and mother — their love for each other

But He left me out so it seems.

I wondered round broken hearted.

Thinking life was an endless affair,

Til God gave me you…

It was then that I knew

He had given me more than my share.

So campers hold hands

And say we’ll never part.

For Camp ASCCA and all our friends

Will live within our heart! 

I hope if you’re going to camp this summer that you will have a BLAST!

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