Friends Of ASCCA: How I Stay Connected to Friends and Family Far Away

How do you stay close with your friends and family if you’re separated during this time? Many ways to stay connected with them are available these days, such as social media, Facebook, text, and Facetime chats. Some social media platforms have apps for our iPhones and iPads. I have found that using Facebook and texting or even talking through Facetime keeps me connected with friends and family.

Facebook lets you post photos and videos to your friends and look at other people’s photos and videos. People use Facebook a lot, so it makes sense to chat with friends there. In the far right of the screen are all the people you can get in touch with; just by choosing which person you want to talk to; the chat box will appear, and you can start messaging. Facebook is a convenient way to stay close to friends. My family and I even use it to stay connected to church services and other groups.
Sometimes we play games as a family. Maybe your family could have a game night once a week or once a month. If you have board games you can play those as a family. Card games, like UNO and Go Fish, are great options to play with family and friends. Online games offer chances to play at a distance. We get everyone living far away on Zoom, and then we play an Alexa game similar to charades or Password, where we ask Alexa a question to get her to say a certain word, but we can’t use that word in our question. It’s fun! Lots of Alexa games have become popular, so search on “Alexa games” for your family entertainment.

For other distance methods to stay in touch, I also text or Facetime family and friends through our iPhones and iPads. My two older sisters live far away, so we make a point to chat occasionally, but text more often. I’m always excited to get a call or text from them!

Social media and texting are great ways to stay in touch with friends. (Of course, make sure they’re people you know and also get your parents’ permission.) Puzzles and other games are great for family time. The point is: Don’t isolate yourself during this period. Galatians 6:2 asks us to carry each other’s burdens, so reach out to see how you can help or to ask for help yourself. Romans 12:5

describes us as being all one body and belonging to each other, so stay close to your family and friends. They can help you just as you can help them not feel alone. As long we have something to stay in touch with friends, we will never be lost and alone.

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