Friends Of ASCCA: Katie’s Favorite ASCCA Activities

One thing I love about Camp are the activities. One of my favorite activities at ASCCA is tubing. I love tubing because I hardly get to tube ever because of my disability. Tubing gives me so much joy because I get to be out of my wheelchair. One of my other favorite activities to do at Camp for those same exact reasons is ziplining. I also get an adrenaline rush that I love while I go down the zip line each time. Another activity I love is going to the pool. I just love activities that get me out of my wheelchair because outside of Camp I don’t get many opportunities to do that.

Besides the activities, I love making friends at Camp. The friendships and memories I’ve made at Camp are pretty special to me. For example, when my friend Christian held me in the pool a few years ago. That was the start of the friendship between him and I. After that, we started going to dances, hanging out with each other at free choice activities, etc. Another special friend of mine I’ve made is a girl named Shani. She is one of the sweetest girls I’ve ever met. I have to give her a shoutout. She was in my cabin last summer and the second we met we instantly formed a bond. We started hanging out a lot with each other around the cabin. I also enjoyed talking with her about her favorite guy in the entire world because it put such a smile on her face. She would scream with excitement every time I would mention his name. A thing to know about me is I love making people smile. It got to the point when she would hang out with that her favorite guy at ASCCA and she would always want me involved. So, I hung out with both of them and he became another one of my friends who has always been there for me.

Besides them, I’ve made many more great friends. I may not see those friends all the time, but when I do see them it’s that much greater. I’ve also made tons of memories that I love looking back at.

I love every single thing about Camp.

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