Friends of ASCCA: Why Windsor Loves Camp ASCCA

Valentine’s Day makes me think about how much I love Camp ASCCA and how I look forward to going every summer and fall. I love the amazing view of Lake Martin whenever I go tubing and ziplining. Everything is scheduled and designed to make that lake-side camp feel like home. There are so many reasons why I love Camp ASCCA, but overall, the top three reasons are the people, activities, and meals.

First, the people who work for Camp ASCCA are great. The counselors care for the campers and keep us safe. The staff work just as hard as counselors do to make sure everyone is happy while at camp. Camp ASCCA has nurses on hand 24/7 to give the campers their medicines. They keep as close to the campers’ daily schedules as possible and on time. Other staff members organize fun events such as the talent show, concerts, and dances, just to name a few. Also, whenever something happens to the schedule, like bad weather, they make sure the alternative activity is just as fun as the original.

Out of all the activities, my top favorites are arts and crafts, karaoke, and the Bck4T, which is where we play arcade games or watch movies. Staff who organize the crafts arrange creative items you can make and take home, such as a tie-dye shirt, bandana, or pillowcase. One summer they offered choices: make necklaces and bracelets or create a shape out of Perler beads. It was so much fun! During the awards ceremony that summer, I found out I won an award in arts and crafts. I can’t wait to see what Camp ASCCA has planned for arts and crafts this summer.

Aside from arts and crafts, one of my favorite activities to do is karaoke. Singing karaoke gives me an idea of the songs some of the campers like. When others sing, I enjoy trying to guess the name of the song. When it’s my turn, I always pick out a song that reminds me of Camp ASCCA.

Another one of my favorite activities is the Bck4T. I love playing video games that are old school, like Galaga, Pac-Man, and Dig Dug. In the Bck4T if I have time, I go to their game simulator to watch other campers play golfing or bowling.

One other thing I love about Camp ASCCA is their meals. They promise three nutritious meals each day of the week. My top favorite meals at camp are pizza, tacos, burgers, and meatloaf. Camp ASCCA kicks off the week every Sunday night with pizza. Pizza is one of my comfort foods, so I look forward to it that first night after getting to know my bunkmates in my cabin.

However, I get really excited by Tuesday because at lunch we have beef tacos, which is my favorite Mexican food. Sometimes they have burgers as one of the meals. If I cannot have homemade burgers at home, chances are I will get Camp ASCCA’s grilled burgers, which are just as good as my dad’s burgers. My final favorite meal at Camp ASCCA is the meatloaf at dinner time. I love their meatloaf because it is a simple dish to enjoy even as a picky eater.

I also have a favorite breakfast food that they serve, and that is French toast sticks. It is so flavorful by itself, but it has a tasty syrup that comes with it as a side to dip. It is hard to beat French toast unless it is Camp ASCCA’s biscuit sandwiches. The sandwich is very savory, and the sides are different because it all depends on your choice of a muffin or yogurt.

The people on staff do their best to make each camper’s week unforgettable. During the check-in, I get excited to find out who my counselor is and which cabin I end up with the entire week. I look forward to finding out the activity schedule for my group and eating the tasty meals. I am excited that I will be going to Camp ASCCA this summer, and the closer it gets, the more likely I cannot wait for my session.

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