Kicking Off Session Four with a Special Sibling Duo!

Yesterday marked the exciting start of session Four at ASCCA, we couldn’t be more thrilled to welcome all our campers and staff for another week of fun. This session, we have a special duo to introduce: Corbin, and her brother Charlie.

Charlie and Corbin Graham

This is Corbin’s first summer as a counselor here at ASCCA, she’s already made a fantastic impression. Her heart and dedication are evident, as she follows in the foot steps of her older sister Drew. Drew worked as a counselor in 2021, 2022, she worked as adventure staff in 2023, and has worked as seasonal staff and on multiple weekends. Drew’s extensive experience and commitment have left a lasting legacy, and Corbin is taking on that tradition!

Charlie Graham

This week Corbin is joined by her younger brother, Charlie, who is enjoying his third year at ASCCA as a camper, and we are so excited to have him back. Charlie is such a joy to be around, he is eager to join in on all the fun we have in store. It is heartwarming to see the sibling bond in action, as Corbin and Charlie take on their own versions of the ASCCA adventure! We look forward to seeing the unique dynamic that Corbin and Charlie bring to camp this week. Their story is a testament to the lasting impact ASCCA has on families and the strong connections formed here. Stay tuned for more updates and stories as session four unfolds.

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