Session 4: Monday’s Daily Activities!

Monday, at Camp we officially started our daily activities for the week! We were broken up into different groups, to go to a plethora of different activities that we have here at Camp ASCCA. During the morning session some of us decided to go to arts & crafts to make fun trinkets using pipeline straws and seashells that we found around camp. Everyone who attended had an amazing time showing their friends the creations they made with the supplies. In addition to making fun trinkets we also got to make fun animal toys that coincided with the theme of this week . Some had the luxury of going to the pool to cool off in the summer heat.

After we ate lunch we tried to resume afternoon activities but unfortunately, the rain had put a halt to our festivities. Fortunately for us Camp had another plan. We were give two options; play card games upstairs in Lions Lodge, or we could participate in the fun festivities they had downstairs. Once everyone chose what they wanted to do they participated in fun activities to pass the time until we sang the Goodnight Song.

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