Macon ARC 2019

On Monday, Aug. 19, friends from the Macon ARC traveled to Camp ASCCA for a week of sunshine and summer fun. The ARC has been coming to ASCCA for many years following the end of our ASCCA sessions. Most of the participants have grown up together and are the best of friends, so it makes for a really exciting week. We started the week of right with a dance party ran by none other than DJ Cody, and that is just the start of all the fun.

Horseback with Sonny

A day with Macon ARC runs pretty similar to a day at an ASCCA session, except that each morning is made up of free choice activities around camp like pool, zipline, horseback, archery, bungee trampoline and much more. Many of the Macon ARC participants have been coming to Camp ASCCA for so long that they know what programs they like and what to do them as often as they can, so the free choice activities are the perfect setup. The evening programs for Tuesday and Wednesday was a game night and the ever popular talent show. The talent show is always a hot topic for our friends from Macon, and most of them have been preparing their performances for months.

However, the fun does not stop there. The most exciting part of the week came Thursday night when The Band of Heathens returned to Camp ASCCA for an evening concert. Last year, they performed on the Big Stage in early September for our friends with ARPA, but we thought they would be the perfect performers for our Georgia friends. After dinner on Thursday, everyone made their way to the BCK4T for an unforgettable evening dancing and singing with the band. We even shared a few moments on our Facebook Live.

After a night of moving and grooving with our friends, everyone got a much needed night of sleep before waking up Friday morning to head home. At 8 a.m., everyone reconnected at the dining hall for breakfast, and then our friends loaded up on their buses to head back to Macon, Ga. As always, our week in the summer with Macon ARC was unforgettable, and we cannot wait to see everyone again soon!

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