Session 3: Daily Activities

Yesterday at Camp ASCCA we officially got to participate in our daily activities. Since Camp is so big, there is a wide variety of activities that we do in the morning. Some groups got to go to the nature center and do fun nature projects and learn about cool animals, while others went to seven other places. At archery, the campers were able to shoot targets with neat bows and arrows while also learning about their different types. In other places around Camp, the demo farm was available to see amazing animals and feed them while also learning facts about them. Farm animal behaviors and what they eat are very interesting! Outside of the land activities, Camp made sure that we got to participate in some water-based activities as well. These activities included tubing behind the boat on Lake Martin and swimming at the pool.  These activities made sure that we stayed cooled off in the heat.

In the afternoon session, which was free choice activities, some campers got to go on the Ziptower zipline that went really fast and was really high and could let them see the a lot of camp! Another afternoon activity included the waterslide that made sure to cool us off and provide thrills as well. In the evening we got to do karaoke while also making bracelets for our friends here at Camp. The night also involved Bingo games where we won fun prizes. After all the activities were done, we gathered at the gym and sang the Goodnight Song and went to bed so that we could get ready for another fun day of activities tomorrow.

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