Session 3 Pool Party !!!

Yesterday, at Camp ASCCA we had our Red, White, and Blue pool party to kickoff Session 3. Since it was a particularly hot day they let us in the pool earlier than expected while explaining all the rules. To get in the pool, first, we had to take a swim test to check our swimming level, to see if we needed a lifejacket or not. Since the theme of the week is Red, White and Blue, the staff put USA themed decorations on the pool deck to match. Everyone had a great time splashing around and playing with the pool toys yesterday evening, it was definitely a great vibe.

When the pool party was over, everyone got out and dried off so that we could get ready to sing the Goodnight Song to end a wonderful first day of camp. The sky was a perfect shade of orange, so it was a great setting to sing the Goodnight Song, as the light illuminated the gym. After we sang the Goodnight Song, we all headed back to our cabins to get ready for another eventful day of Camp.

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