Today at Camp ASCCA we held a talent show for all of those who wanted to showcase their talent in front of our camp peers. At the show, we got to sing a variety of songs that we had signed up for earlier at dinner. While we were at the talent show, there were a multitude of different acts on stage. Some people chose to sing, some people chose to dance, and some even decided to tell us funny jokes to pass the time. It was not just all fun and games though, as we got to enjoy some shaved ice as refreshments to beat the hot sun on a July summer day.

When everything was winding down and we got to the few final acts, we all decided to hold hands and sing the Goodnight Song to end another successful day of camp. Overall, the talent show was an amazing vibe where all of our camp friends got to come together to show off their respective talents. When the day ended all of us went back to our cabins to discuss our highs and lows for the day and went to bed to look forward to another eventful day of camp tomorrow.

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