ASCCA Concert Series 2023: One More Song

Langhorne Slim sharing the spotlight.

Every year, we bring bands and musicians to Camp ASCCA. We have the best venues, the best seats, the best bands, and the best fans! Since not everyone is able to attend music events, we wanted to provide that experience for them. Music is healing, it’s divine medicine, and it’s a universal language.

Our boys, the Red Clay Strays.

With open arms, Camp ASCCA welcomed five bands this summer. We welcomed new and returning artists, and each show left us at a loss for words. Our lineup included Happy Landing, Red Clay Strays, The 502s, Langhorne Slim, and Drake White.

We love Drake White!

The ASCCA Concert Series started years ago as just an idea, and we have brought that idea to life. It’s an indescribable feeling to see our campers let the music take over and just be. Be in the moment, be where their feet are, be enthralled with what’s happening right in front of them.

Every year the concerts seem to get bigger and better. Our campers are mesmerized with “the guy on the stage.” The hour and half that they perform, they’re the most important person in the world. These are the best fans a band could ask for.

The 502s quick intermission to give high fives & handshakes.
Happy Landing had us dancing all night long.

We are so appreciative of the artists who have come through our doors and met us right where we are. The ones who love and appreciate our people the way we do. We are your biggest fans.

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