Friends of ASCCA: Windsor’s Dog Update

When returning home from camp, do you have dogs that cannot wait to see you? I have two of the sweetest pups at my home, and they are a blessing to my family. Scout, who is a Cairn Terrier, and Lexi, who is a Yorkie, have already accepted their roles in our family. I decided to update you all on how they are doing so far because I was asked so many times during Camp ASCCA. A lot has changed since we adopted Lexi back in 2021.

Lexi is now two years old, and Scout turns five this month (August). After having Lexi a little over a year, Scout finally got used to her being around the house. I am so happy that Scout accepted her in the family. In fact, I noticed recently that Scout is close with Lexi now. Every once in a while I will catch them playing together at random parts of the day, and it is adorable to watch every single time.

Scout is also somewhat protective of Lexi. For example, a couple of times she got her collar wedged in her mouth and could not get it out. Scout barked to get our attention to help her. Needless to say, we have a new collar now that fits correctly.

Although Scout is protective of Lexi, he also wants to save the best nap spots for himself. Whenever I start to sit down anywhere in the house, Lexi and Scout will fight over me almost all the time. Since Scout is the alpha male in the family and the oldest, he gets the spot of my lap. As the youngest and smallest, Lexi takes the spot between my hip and the armrest of the couch, which she does not seem to mind because she likes tight spaces and to be as close to me as possible.

Scout and Lexi are very much opposites from each other when it comes to interests and behavior. One of the huge differences is that Scout loves car rides, but Lexi absolutely hates them. She cries and whines the whole drive there and back, while Scout sits there with a big grin on his face.

Lexi also hates baths, and yet Scout loves taking a bath. Although we take them to a groomer every few months, we occasionally will give them a bath at home in our kitchen sink. Scout loves it! Lexi trembles. They do both dislike the hair dryer though.

Another thing they have in common is going outside on the deck: Both of them love it. When my dad asks them if they want to go on the deck, Scout turns to me or my mom as if he’s asking for permission. We nod and say, “Yes!” And he dashes off to the door! They also both enjoy dog events, like Bark In The Park in April and Petpalooza in October every year.

Scout and Lexi are the sweetest dogs that we ever adopted in the family. I like how they have different personalities and their own cute way of communicating with us. It’s sweet how two years later they rely on one another just like a real pack would do in the wild. We cannot imagine our lives without them.

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