Camp ASCCA Blog

Cone-Roswal Swing

Dr. Glenn Roswal and his granddaughter Michaela visited Camp ASCCA in May to volunteer to paint. While they were here, they presented Camp ASCCA with

Debra Spavone Memorial Donation

“Nurse Debra” was married to Joe Spavone, one of our former Health Services Directors. Sadly, she passed away this past spring. ASCCA’s mission impressed Debra

Camp ASCCA 2020: Fishing with Doug

Our Fishing with Doug series was a huge hit with everyone and we wanted to make finding all videos easier. Doug Darr is the retired

Camp ASCCA 2020 Zoom Dance

Things looked a little different this summer due to Covid-19 circumstances. We have tried our very best to keep everyone involved and make sure that

Friends Of ASCCA: My Surgery Story

I first wrote about epilepsy in my introductory blog, which you can read here. August 10 will mark 10 years since my brain surgery and