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My Heads in Mississippi

My heart is in Jackson’s Gap, Alabama, but my head is in Mississippi. This week, we have some very special guests with us all the

Our Favorite Summer Snack

This summer, Camp ASCCA made a great connection with Steel City Pops! Steel City Pops is a popsicle company that strives to be gluten free,

All About Our CITs

On Sunday morning, our ASCCA staff was so excited to meet our Counselors in Training (CITs) for Session One. This week has been so special

It’s All in the Family

Camp ASCCA is filled with so many unique experiences. Over time, we all start functioning as a big family. While some of us here actually

The Happiest Place on Earth

Summer sessions at Camp ASCCA have weekly themes. Can you guess this week’s theme? If you guessed Disney, you would be so right! This summer,

Forever Friends: Suzanna and Hannah

Hannah, pictured right, is a familiar face here at ASCCA, but this summer stands out like no other. Hannah and one of our counselors, Suzanna,

All About the Andrews Sisters!

The Andrews sisters (pictured below) are a familiar face at Camp ASCCA, but this year their smiles were extra brighter all because of Mackenzie (pictured

Good Morning from the Patio!

Welcome to our brand new area at camp: The Patio! The Patio is the newest addition to Camp ASCCA. This area was named in honor

Welcome Back to Camp!!

As all of us know, COVID-19 took a lot from us; one of those things being camp. Missing a year of camp has been hard