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Friends of ASCCA: Adapting to life during a pandemic

When someone meets me for the first time, it’s obvious to them that I have a disability. My curved arms and electric wheelchair are pretty conspicuous, and save me the trouble of figuring out the time to informally disclose my Arthrogryposis. But my disability affects me in another way that isn’t visible, and sometimes that makes this condition harder to accept and understand.

Summer 2020 Camp ASCCA Zoom Sessions

With the cancellation of Summer 2020 camps, we have been working hard to find ways to stay connected with campers. One of the most popular activities we have done so far is weekly conversations over Zoom calls with several Camp friends. We will be updating this blog with new videos each week.

Friends of ASCCA: Learning about unique traits with Windsor

What is your unique trait? Having a unique trait is an amazing thing to experience. It can be scary sometimes though, depending on your condition. Later in life, once you get used to having a unique trait and learn more about it, it may not be a big deal. There are many ways to describe and treat unique traits because we are all different in special ways.

Friends of ASCCA: Windsor shares about cabin life

From Whoville to Candyland, cabin life is fun and games.

When you arrive at Camp ASCCA, you are given your assigned cabin by counselors who greet you in the parking lot with a lanyard to wear that has your name and the names of your counselor and cabin on it. After signing in, you meet your counselor, who takes your bags to your cabin and places them under the bed picked out for you. Your counselor will ask which sheets they have that you would like for your bed and then makes your bed for you. The rest of the first day you can acclimate to cabin life and start to get to know your bunkmates.

Summer camps suspended due to COVID-19

Unfortunately based on the current situation with the COVID-19 pandemic and the uncertainty that surrounds it, we have decided to suspend summer camps for 2020. This is disappointing for all of us, but as always our number one priority is the safety and well-being of our campers and staff.

5 ways to prepare for an ASCCA summer

A summer at Camp ASCCA is a summer you will never forget. So many of our summer staff members and campers can confirm that it is a place that you will call your home away from home. As we get closer to a new summer, we want to make sure that you are prepared. Begin your #ASCCA2020 prep with these five tips.

Friends of ASCCA: Lizzie’s First Summer

I remember the first time I went to ASCCA. It was about 5/6 years ago. I remember after I got dropped off, I was scared. It was my first time ever being away from my parents at a sleep away camp. I was scared and nervous because I didn’t know what I was going to expect. I was nervous at first but by mid-Monday or that mid-Tuesday all my nervousness just magically went away. The nervousness turned into joy and happiness. It didn’t take me long at all to realize that ASCCA could be a second home for me. I immediately started making these really amazing friendships with all these wonderful people and most of the people I met then I’m still friends with today.

Camp ASCCA Welcomes Jon Dollar to our Full-Time Staff!

Join us as we welcome back Jon Dollar to the Camp ASCCA Staff! He has worked at Camp ASCCA for several summers in college on the program staff and on the summer leadership staff. He is now joining us as our full-time Outdoor Education Specialist. He will be in charge of several programs including demo farm, fishing, archery, nature, horseback riding and sports & games.

Friends of ASCCA: Finding love in your favorite place

February is a very feel-good month; we get to show our love, eat chocolate, and celebrate black history. It can also feel a bit lonely when you’re single, but for the first time ever, I dont have that to worry about. I’ve been dating Carson for over seven months now, and I have to say I highly recommend this whole “being in love” thing.

Friends of ASCCA: The Inside Scoop on Indoor Activities

Since Camp ASCCA is a summer camp, you would naturally assume all outdoor activities, but you would be half right and half wrong. The whole week is packed with both indoor and outdoor fun. The best indoor activities can be found in the BCK4T and the Wii Room.