Friends of ASCCA: Chad Shares About His Time At Camp ASCCA This Summer

I am so thankful for the summer session that I attended at Camp ASCCA this year. Camp made a new adjustment with the check-in process this past summer. Upon arrival at the gate, Justin and Michael checked temperatures while you’re in the vehicle. When you’re parking, Kate and Grayson greets everyone, and then you see Alden at the luggage station to check your luggage in. After that then you go directly to the pavilion, but first I stopped and saw Elise for pictures at the photo booth and Dana for ASCCA merchandise. Now, off we go to the pavilion to check in. Liz is there to put your wristband on, and Nurse Abbey gives the parents a folder with medical information. Next, we go to Tessa to review our emergency contacts, and then Jon or Abbie to review diets or allergies, so they will know what we need at meals. Lastly, we see Amber to review the camper photo release before we get dismissed to go see the nurses. Boys go to the Marc Roberts Lodge, and girls go to Lions Lodge to check in the medicine with the nurse. After you have finished all of that you get to go to the cabin. There you meet the counselors, and they help you make your bed for the week.

At camp, when we hear thunder or see lightning, we go to the gym and get with either our cabin or program rotation group. We play games in the gym like Skit in the Bag, Backpack Scavenger Hunt, Minute to Win it, Lip Sync Battle, or we go to the Bck4T and watch movies and play the arcade games. During my session we played Lip Sync Battle, and you had to sing a song with the word “rain” in it.

Every Tuesday night at camp we have a talent show. The talent shows are normally held at the OutPost, and the program staff serves us snow cones or nachos. When it rains the talent show is held in the basement of Lions Lodge, but when I first started coming to Camp ASCCA the talent show was held in the Chapel.

It is always a great day to be at Camp ASCCA!!

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