Session 7: Last Week Best Week!

Sunday, we kicked off our final week of ASCCA summer camp. This session is extra special because not only does it include our ASCCA campers, and participants from the Alabama Head Injury Foundation as well.

This week is already off to a great start, and we cannot wait to see what else is in store. We are looking forward to bonding with our old friends and making new friendships!

After check-in and dinner, everyone spilt up into different activities. Our ASCCA friends headed to the pool for an evening swim party, and AHIF participants had evening free-choice. They had many different activities to choose from, including the Big Swing, fishing, canoeing, and more!

Though this week is sure to be bitter sweet as our summer ends, we cannot wait to make the most of every moment spent together.

To view more pictures from this week, click here.

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