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Friends of ASCCA: McCartney shares her tips and tricks of accessibility in her everyday life!

Hey everyone! Glad to be able to write for this fantastic blog again, and I have a very interesting topic in mind too!

As many of you know, the world we live in doesn’t exactly come with an accessible sign. There are many things that just weren’t designed for people with disabilities. This is why I wanted the topic of this post to be adaptations. Adaptations have enabled me to do so many things, so I thought I would share a few of my own personal life hacks with all of you!

Friends of ASCCA: Jonathan visits Just Jump

Guest Blogger Jonathan VanSteenburg is excited to share with you his everyday experiences and adventures. He recently paid a visit to the Just Jump facility in Panama City Beach with his dad and wanted to share how it impacted his body being out of his wheelchair. Check it out!

Friends of ASCCA: This is Home

Hi there! I’m Jamaica! You might remember me from a blog that I wrote back in February, but it’s been a while so here’s the link:

Today, I am going to touch on my experience at ASCCA and what ASCCA means to me. I must say though that in all of my years of writing thus far, this is the hardest, yet easiest piece I’ve written. You’ve probably heard this saying numerous times by now, but it just sums up camp so well. “This is Home.” Now that you know that Camp ASCCA is home for me, I’ll tell you my favorite things about my home. My absolute favorite thing about my home is that it is accessible to everyone and I can have friends over from all walks of life. In my home, there is something for everyone to enjoy and have fun doing.

Friends of ASCCA: Life as ComedianBP!

Hello my name is Brandon Pinkney. You probably remember me from my last ASCCA blog, but if not, here’s a link:

On this blog we’re not going to talk about my disability. Enough with the “Awww that’s amazing that made me almost shed a tear.” In this blog, we’re turning it up a notch to “Holy smokes! That’s amazing we need more people like you,” so I take that back today I’m not Brandon Pinkney. Today you guys get to me ComedianBP!

Friends of ASCCA: Get to know Hank!

I have been to a lot of camps, but there’s no place like Camp ASCCA. Camp ASCCA is a special place, and the friendships are valuable. I went for 8 years, and those 8 years were filled with the best nights, mornings, days that I have ever experienced. The first year I got homesick, but the staff was capable of making me feel like I was at “home.” Amber Cotney who is the Program Director was the one that held me by the pool for the first year when I cried because I was homesick.

Friends of ASCCA: McCartney shares her fondest camp memories

Hello readers! Happy late Valentines! As you may already know, earlier this month Camp ASCCA celebrated Camp ASCCA Spirit and Recruitment Day! So, I’ve decided to dedicate this post to celebrating and sharing my memories of Camp – the happiest place on earth.

Friends of ASCCA: Get to know Jamaica!

Hello everyone! My name is Jamaica, and I am excited to be your next guest blogger! I have Cerebral Palsy (CP); Cerebral Palsy is a neurological condition that affects the brain and body in a multitude of ways. I am affected by Cerebral Palsy in all of my limbs, and one of my biggest challenges in having CP is that my body kind of has a mind of its own sometimes. It is difficult for me to control movement in my body, and I have a difficult time with fine and gross motor skills. I also have a lot of muscle spasms everyday but aside from the challenges of having CP, I make the most of life!

Friends of ASCCA: Get to know Brandon!

My name is Brandon. I’m 22, and I’ll be 23 on January 23. I’m a sophomore at Miles College. I was born with a muscular disease called SMA ( Spinal Muscle Atrophy), and when I was born the doctor told my mom after I was diagnosed with my disease that she would only see me for the maximum of 2 years. Later down the road, I had a severe surgery to keep my spine in place. I was about 10 when this surgery happened. About 3 years later, my lungs collapsed, I flatlined at the hospital once in ICU, but only for a brief second.

Friends of ASCCA: Get to know Jonathan!

My name is Jonathan VanSteenburg, and I have cerebral palsy. Cerebral palsy affects all my muscles and my speech. I am a wheelchair user. I have been going to Camp ASCCA since 2006. Camp ASCCA is in a small town called Jackson Gap, AL (located on the beautiful Lake Martin). All of their staff are caring and loving. During the summer, Camp ASCCA has week-long sessions where people with disabilities can do fun things that they don’t normally do at home.

Friends of ASCCA: Get to know McCartney!

Hello readers, welcome to Camp ASCCA’s Guest Blog! My name is McCartney, and I’m hoping to be a regular guest blogger here! In my posts, my goal is to help people better understand disabilities and the people who are affected by them. I can’t speak for everyone with a disability, but I can at least try my best to help people on the outside understand people like myself.