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Friends of ASCCA: McCartney shares about the Camp ASCCA community

When I left for camp Sunday morning, I was depressed. I’d spent the last few months in what seemed like a never ending spiral of anxiety. If I wasn’t stressing about my future, I was probably calling myself a terrible writer, a terrible advocate and an all around terrible, unlovable human being. I woke up that morning convinced I was destined to a life of loneliness and wasted potential.

Friends of ASCCA: Windsor shares about Christmas Weekend 2018

As winter approaches, so does Christmas Camp ASCCA! I attended Christmas Camp for the first time in December 2018, a few months after my first summer camp. The Christmas Camp was basically summer camp, but with Christmas traditions packed into a fun-filled weekend.

Friends of ASCCA: Windsor’s First Summer at ASCCA

I attended Camp ASCCA the first time in July 2018. When my parents told me about Camp ASCCA and the people who work there, it made me jump with joy to find out I was going. I admit, I was also unsure if I could handle every little thing they do because my parents wouldn’t be there with me the entire time. This would be the first time I would be away from home and without any family member with me, so I also wondered if I would be homesick.

Friends of ASCCA: Get to know Windsor!

Hi, my name is Windsor Joye! I was born with epilepsy due to a malformation of the left side of my brain. When I was 11 years old, I had surgery to get rid of seizures forever, and it was successful. I have not had any seizures ever since the brain surgery on August 10, 2010! However, immediately after the surgery, I was completely paralyzed on my left side, and intense therapy began.

Friends of ASCCA: Learn about AMC with McCartney

June 30 is a very special semi-holiday known as AMC Awareness Day! But you knew that, right? Of course you knew that. On that day, people across the world post pictures of themselves in blue to show support for my disability, right?

Friends of ASCCA: McCartney shares her tips and tricks of accessibility in her everyday life!

Hey everyone! Glad to be able to write for this fantastic blog again, and I have a very interesting topic in mind too!

As many of you know, the world we live in doesn’t exactly come with an accessible sign. There are many things that just weren’t designed for people with disabilities. This is why I wanted the topic of this post to be adaptations. Adaptations have enabled me to do so many things, so I thought I would share a few of my own personal life hacks with all of you!

Friends of ASCCA: Jonathan visits Just Jump

Guest Blogger Jonathan VanSteenburg is excited to share with you his everyday experiences and adventures. He recently paid a visit to the Just Jump facility in Panama City Beach with his dad and wanted to share how it impacted his body being out of his wheelchair. Check it out!

Friends of ASCCA: This is Home

Hi there! I’m Jamaica! You might remember me from a blog that I wrote back in February, but it’s been a while so here’s the link:

Today, I am going to touch on my experience at ASCCA and what ASCCA means to me. I must say though that in all of my years of writing thus far, this is the hardest, yet easiest piece I’ve written. You’ve probably heard this saying numerous times by now, but it just sums up camp so well. “This is Home.” Now that you know that Camp ASCCA is home for me, I’ll tell you my favorite things about my home. My absolute favorite thing about my home is that it is accessible to everyone and I can have friends over from all walks of life. In my home, there is something for everyone to enjoy and have fun doing.